Canteca de Macao

Canteca de Macao

Elegant sounding flamenco pop with a beach-like vibe

Canteca de Macao are back with ‘Lugares Comunes’, their most soul-baring and personal album to date.

After twelve years in the music industry, four studio albums and a compilation released last year that saw them celebrating a decade of music making surrounded by a number of close friends, Canteca de Macao are back with a new studio album and are more inspired than ever.

With ‘Lugares Comunes’, Canteca de Macao have dispensed with all prejudices and stereotypes and shut out the ghosts of the past, opting to bare their souls musically and sing from the heart.

This album is different. Anita and Chiki co-wrote all the songs and, musically speaking, it sounds more concentrated and catchier than ever. Canteca de Macao have taken the fight from the streets to their souls in order to speak to us about inner growth, about precise and precious moments, and about love and sorrow that comes from within.

All those who know and have followed the career of this group from Madrid will find “Lugares Comunes” a more mature album, on which Anita’s vocals and the lyrics come to the fore, in contrast to the musical frenzy of their previous work. And while it may be further away from that hardcore party vibe, this album sounds stronger than ever.

For those listening to Canteca for the first time, this album will be a window into a unique universe, the universe of Anita and Chiki, who have decided to let us into their private space, taking us on a journey through their life in ten songs that veer between bright rumbas with a beach-like vibe and elegant sounding pop.

The album was produced by Rúben García (pianist and musical director for Malú) and was recorded in January/February 2015 at Rat Rabbit Studios and Collage Studio in Madrid. It was later mixed by Luca Germini at Zipsound Studios (Madrid) and mastered by Antonio Baglio (frequent collaborator of Eros Ramazzotti) at Nautilus Studios (Milan).

We will have to wait until 25 September (the release date in Spain) to listen to this new collection of songs by Canteca de Macao, but in July, we will be able to enjoy the first single ‘Acuérdate’.