Dangers Of The Sea

Tastemakers in Danisch Popmusic

After several years of silence, the quintet from Copenhagen returns with a new album and today they release the single “You & I” on V2 Records (Mumford & Sons, Allah-Las, Thomas Dybdahl)

Dangers of the Sea released their debut album ”Dangers of the Sea” in 2013, which sent them out on the roads in Denmark and abroad. Now the band is ready to present their new album, which will be released October 20th on V2 on vinyl, cd and digital

Like on the debut album, it is the ear-catching melody that characterizes Dangers of the Seas’s approach to songwriting. Where the debut album was a result of Andreas Bay Estrup’s songs recorded with a group of musicians, the upcoming album is the result of a full-blown band that wrote and arranged the new tracks together. It is still Andreas who writes the song sketches, which are then finished together with Jess Jensen (Saybia) on keys, Frederik Teige on guitar, Mike Juel Taagehøj (Slaraffenland) on bass and Rasmus Jusjong (Folkeklubben) on drums.

Lead singer Andreas Bay Estrup tells about the new single “You & I”:

“You & I” is one of the – to me – rare songs that comes as a sudden impulse and quickly takes shape. I was in a rather special mood when it dumped down, but writing the song helped me solve some of the thoughts and frustrations I was struggeling with at the time. Originally, the song was quite dreamy and slow, but in our rehearsal room we found a more outgoing and almost triumphant sound, which I think provides an exciting contrast to the text universe. ”

Andreas tells about the creation of the upcoming album:

“We have taken the necessary time to write the songs and to find the right sound in the recording process. Adulthood has naturally put its impression on the album’s texts, which clearly reflect my states of mind over the recent years. It has been some pretty challenging years, which have been characterized by loss and relationships around me that ended – and suddenly having the responsability for others than myself. There has come a greater seriousness into existence, but fortunately also a greater appreciation of all the good I have in my life. Also in that aspect we have grown as a band. We have simply become better at appreciating what we have and are able to do together. ”

“You & I” is out now on V2 Records.

Dangers Of The Sea