Death Alley

Hawkwind-worshipping, Stooges-referencing soulful psychedelic rock'n'roll

Hawkwind-worshipping, Stooges-referencing soulful psychedelic rock’n’roll miscreants from Amsterdam delivering a live show that is a righteous next step for classic heavy rock, as punk as it is metal and delivered with nigh-on-unmatched vitality. After releasing their highly acclaimed debut album “Black Magick Boogieland” in 2014, things really took off. The band toured Europe relentlessly alongside bands like The Shrine, Kadavar, Joy and Dirty Fences and played shows on seminal festivals like Desertfest (Berlin and Antwerp), Hellfest and played the Roadburn festival twice in their short existence. Their last passage on that festival has been turned into a very well received “Live at Roadburn” album, where the bands shows its ferociousness next to its unique ability to wander out in long psychedelic jams. Death Alley is a versatile and unique band that’s on the rise since it’s inception. The band is currently working on a new album, scheduled early 2018.

Death Alley

Death Alley
10 Aug 2018

Venlo NL

Death Alley
06 Sep 2018

Cul de Sac
Tilburg NL

Death Alley
08 Sep 2018

Tiel NL

Death Alley
13 Oct 2018

Hengelo NL

Death Alley
17 Nov 2018

Eindhoven NL