Emil Landman

Some people collect stamps, Emil Landman collects stories

Emil Landman‘s debut album ‘Colours And Their Things’ was released by V2 Records in the autumn of 2014. The songs were sparked by stories Landman collected on a journey that took him through Nashville, New Orleans, Memphis, Oklahoma City and Chicago. Adventures and tall tales were transcribed into songs and recorded with producer Martijn Groeneveld (Blaudzun). ‘Colours And Their Things’ is the long awaited follow-up to the self-released EP ‘A Bargain Between Beggars’, with which Landman toured the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, and the U.S. and performed on the Dutch number one talk show DWDD.

Some people collect stamps or devote their lives to marvellous whiskeys. Emil Landman (Amsterdam, 1989) collects stories. Bold stories, amassed during his many trips across continents and condensed into songs reminiscent of Thomas Dybdahl, Ben Howard and Alexi Murdoch.

Small Folk oriented songs alternated with larger full-band productions take you to the smoky bars of New Orleans, give you a whiff of a stale cup of Nashville coffee and let you witness more romance than he can seemingly handle. The majority of ‘Colours And Their Things’ was written in the United States, where he got drunk, went broke, fell in love, got soaked through in torrential rain, felt the happiest he ever felt and hit his lowest lows.

Emil Landman is an explorer. VPRO 3voor12 is afire about his work, he was featured on DWDD and Radio 1, he toured with Mister and Mississippi, was part of De Popronde and has worked with Grey Reverend (The Cinematic Orchestra, Bonobo). With ‘Colours And Their Things’ Emil is ready to take the next step. Yet one thing stands above all: this is just the beginning of a brand new adventure.

Emil LandmanEmil Landman

Emil Landman
27 Sep 2018

De Weijer
Boxmeer NL

Emil Landman
23 Oct 2018

The Grand social (w/ Jono McCleery)
Dublin IE

Emil Landman
28 Oct 2018

Sticky Mikes Fro Bar (w/ Jono McCleery)
Brighton GB

Emil Landman
30 Oct 2018

Junction 2 (w/ Jono McCleery)
Cambridge GB

Emil Landman
31 Oct 2018

Jimmy NQ (w/ Mt. Joy)

Emil Landman
01 Nov 2018

Leaf on Bold street
Liverpool GB

Emil Landman
09 Nov 2018

Zonnehuis (w/ Jono McCleery)
Amsterdam NL

Emil Landman
15 Nov 2018

Muziekgierterij (w/ Jono McCleery)

Emil Landman
16 Nov 2018

Simplon (w/Jono McCleery)
Groningen NL

Emil Landman
22 Nov 2018

013 @ Cul de Sac (w/ Jono McCleery)
Tilburg NL

Emil Landman
23 Nov 2018

Paard (w/ Jono McCleery)
Den Haag NL