These are the Faradays. Nostalgic daydreaming with future-like memories.

You live in the now. Time determines what your world looks like, and as the world changes throughout time, so do you. What you do, who you’re with, where you are, your looks, your thoughts. Everything is constantly evolving. Time is ever-present, steadily ticking in the background and it never stops for anybody.

Under the moniker Faradays songwriter and physicist Karindra Perrier crafts her electronic indie songs. The pop songs are built from experimental sounds, in which a special seat is reserved for her greatest obsession: time. 

“I do figure out most things, but most of it too late.
If I’m wise I’m just as slow. It’s the late bloomers brigade.”

Named after the shielding effects of the Faraday cage, Faradays represent the proverbial days of creative seclusion in which she writes these songs. Days of tinkering with sounds that either find or evade each other. Lyrically she muses on topics like time and space, the future and dear memories. In prototypical modern pop single ‘Promise’ Karindra’s thoughts emerge:

“Oh what a time to be alive / we all dream big and breathe ambition 9 to 5
So what do you do every day? / Meanwhile the bigger picture fades away.”

The dreamer spends days and nights in her Utrecht flat making music. “It feels like I’m constantly trying to reinvent the wheel, until I fall in love with the beginning of a song.” Chasing her fascination for time, space, the world and the universe in both music and science, Karindra also studied physics. Currently she does her PhD, researching the behavior of laser light in her laboratory at the University of Utrecht. Physicist by day, musician by night.

This summer, assisted by her band and producer Simon Akkermans (Binkbeats, Bombay, Mister and Mississippi), she’s recording her debut EP at the Kytopia studios in Utrecht. The first single ‘Real’ was released last June. This fall Faradays will be touring the Netherlands during Popronde 2018, backed by 3voor12 who named them as one of their Talents.


21 Sep 2018

Popronde Leeuwarden
Leeuwarden NL

27 Sep 2018

Popronde Wageningen
Wageningen NL

28 Sep 2018

Popronde Eindhoven
Eindhoven NL

29 Sep 2018

Popronde Almere
Almere NL

03 Oct 2018

Nederlands Film Festival
Utrecht NL

05 Oct 2018

Popronde Den Bosch
's-Hertogenbosch NL

06 Oct 2018

Popronde Haarlem
Haarlem NL

07 Oct 2018

Utrecht NL

13 Oct 2018

Popronde Oss
Oss NL

20 Oct 2018

Popronde Amersfoort

24 Oct 2018

Stathe Sessie; Faradays & HEBE
Utrecht NL

26 Oct 2018

Popronde Arnhem
Arnhem NL

28 Oct 2018

Popronde Hoorn
Hoorn NL

03 Nov 2018

Popronde Rotterdam
Rotterdam NL

11 Nov 2018

Popronde Hilversum
Hilversum NL

15 Nov 2018

Popronde Breda
Breda NL