Mintzkov is back, more determined than ever

The band members know each other like the backs of their hands, both personally and musically, so they automatically had a sense of what a new Mintzkov record should be like. They didn’t have to find a way of working, the band is the way of working.

All too often, they say of records that they are uncompromising. Sky Is Ground isn’t. On the contrary: the album is exactly the compromise between five musicians that know each other so well. Sky Hits Ground is a dynamic compromise with no one giving in.

This also the idea the band wants to evoke. No clear lyrics on specific subjects. They’re more of images that grow in the mind of lead singer Philip Bosschaerts. Images that he wants to translate into words, without telling the listener what to hear, see, or feel. Sometimes vague, sometimes direct. Sometimes clear, sometimes not. The way ideas are. These images come from books or films, from the death of Mintzkov’s first guitar player, from life as a musician. Heaven is playing music. Earth is working.  But sometimes there just isn’t that much difference. Sky Hits Ground, that is Mintzkov.