Stephen Steinbrink
Stephen Steinbrink

Stephen Steinbrink

NME's Radar section recently fell big time for this US dreamer

Stephen Steinbrink (b. May 1st, 1988) is an experimental pop songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and recording engineer born and raised in the arid deserts of Arizona and currently residing in the green spaces surrounding Olympia, Washington.

Having spent the last 14 of his 26 years on this planet travelling solo in Greyhounds, Toyota minivans, and European trains, his wanderlust travels as seen through his Lennon frames have shaped stunning breakthrough album Arranged Waves.

“I grew up in Phoenix; it’s bleakness through and through. A de-centralized suburb of nothing.” he says. “There are so many ghosts of the recession – the bowling alley I went to as a kid has been abandoned. Friends’ houses have been bulldozed. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen a burning down house while stuck in traffic. All these empty buildings from my childhood are unsettling and symbolic of something, but I don’t know what. I need to write more songs to figure that out.”

A prolific artist hopelessly dedicated to his form, he has released 7 full length albums, a scattering of short run EPs and singles on a variety of formats, in only short 8 years.

A true passenger of life, Stephen Steinbrink is more cultural observer than 21st century busker with his intelligently cool left-of-centre approach to a sincere pop melody. At the same time, it’s his lyrics that marks Steinbrink out as a true punk troubadour trying to make sense of the world. Beyond apparent stream of consciousness Arranged Waves is an album about lost images with each song an attempt to describe moments of banal beauty without manipulation of their inherent romance.


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