Dawn Brothers

The Dawn Brothers, a force to be reckoned with.

Although these four young men from Rotterdam are not related by blood, they are most certainly brothers. Brothers who share a common ancestor: The good time sound of rock & roll music. Inspired by great classic songsmiths such as The Band, CCR, The Rolling Stones and Otis Redding, they pump out songs, playing the old souls of the future in a pure Americana style and with the unstoppable energy of a thundering diesel train.

The debut LP from The Dawn Brothers, ‘Stayin’ Out Late’ is a timeless new twist in the fellowship of present-day roots music. They ride a wave from the past into the future, proving once again that there’s no time like the present. Bas, Levi, Rowan, and Rafael all manage to shine as individual musicians on this record, yet what they achieve together is the real juicy juice that will make your soul feel whole and have your body a -shakin’ like a leaf on a tree.
Dawn Brothers

Dawn Brothers
11 Nov 2018

Central Station (w/ DeWolff)
Darmstadt DE

Dawn Brothers
13 Nov 2018

Goldmarks (w/ DeWolff)
Stuttgart DE

Dawn Brothers
14 Nov 2018

Chelsea (w/ DeWolff)
Wien AT

Dawn Brothers
15 Nov 2018

Backstage Halle (w/ DeWolff)
München DE

Dawn Brothers
16 Nov 2018

Club Stereo (w/ DeWolff)
Nuremberg DE

Dawn Brothers
18 Nov 2018

Mojo Music Club
Niederösterreich AT

Dawn Brothers
19 Nov 2018

Klubovna (w/ Dewolff)

Dawn Brothers
20 Nov 2018

LUX (w/ DeWolff)
Hannover DE

Dawn Brothers
21 Nov 2018

Musik & Frieden (w/ DeWolff)
Berlin DE

Dawn Brothers
22 Nov 2018

Museumskeller (w/ DeWolff)
Erfurt DE

Dawn Brothers
23 Nov 2018

Beatpol (w/ DeWolff)
Dresden DE

Dawn Brothers
25 Nov 2018

Knust (w/ DeWolff)
Hamburg DE

Dawn Brothers
06 Dec 2018

Nieuwe Nor
Heerlen NL

Dawn Brothers
14 Dec 2018

Groningen NL

Dawn Brothers
15 Dec 2018

Amsterdam NL

Dawn Brothers
20 Dec 2018

Cul de Sac i.s.m. 013
Tilburg NL

Dawn Brothers
11 Jan 2019

Nijmegen NL

Dawn Brothers
12 Jan 2019

Utrecht NL