The Silverfaces

File under bluesrock, psychedelic and sounds like the young Raconteurs

Kicking off your career like The Silverfaces did is a unique thing to do. With their third gig, they won the famed Amsterdam Pop Prize and only a couple of months later, they played on national TV and to finish it off, Europe’s biggest showcase festival ‘’Eurosonic Noorderslag’’. Anyone who witnesses the band live, knows that it’s quite the experience. Fans ranging from teens who discovered their parents’ sixties and seventies record collection to the parents themselves! After a successful festival run in their own country, two EP’s in their name and the third one on the way, The Silverfaces are ready for action once more.

The Silverfaces

The Silverfaces
04 Aug 2018

Lott festival
Raversbeuren DE

The Silverfaces
11 Aug 2018

La Truite Magique (The Magical Stage)
Tavigny / Houffalize, BE

The Silverfaces
13 Oct 2018

A Night At The Gallery

The Silverfaces
27 Oct 2018

De Witte Bal
Assen NL