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The music feels calm, like it's the only thing awake and thinking in a quiet, sleeping world.



“I believe we all have a dark place inside of us, some more aware of it than others, and we all have our own way of dealing with it. I tried embracing mine, which led to finding a home within it, but also of course – the making of this record.”

After the release of her last album ‘Run, Lucifer’ Adna toured all over Europe and has had a lot of inspiration and time to reflect on her live performance. She is still living in Berlin and has spent the first half of this year writing and recording her third full lenght album ‘Closure’ planned for release in March 2017 which will be followed by a new tour. Overthinking is the first single taken off of that album and we hear Adna dig deeper into her own past and her own darkness than ever before.

“Overthinking” was written about a year ago in some kind of apathy state of mind, inspired by that time and all about the contrasts. “

Adna has released two full length albums and has had over 20 million Spotify streams in the last two years. The melancholic, lo-fi, singer-songwriter has had her work compared to the likes of Bon Iver & Daughter as well as high praise from KCRW, Pigeons and Planes, NME, The Line Of Best Fit, and had several sync placements in popular shows (most recently Bones in May 2016).

A month ago she released a ​video and EP called SMOKE which showcases the way she wants her live shows to feel like and sharing her own feeling on stage with us. Adna also just announced the first new live dates for this autumn. See below.

“When the lights go down, that’s when I feel safe. Therefore, the stage always felt scary to me, and I wanted to turn that fear into something else that could be like a safe spot instead, to be able to let go, let loose. That’s the whole idea behind this video. There’s something magical about making music in darkness, among smoke. It feels like I never entered the stage, only the music did. And I like that. “ //Adna