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Almighty Mighty

supergroup with members of dEUS, Das Pop & Wallace Vanborn

Some years ago, some songs – most of them written in a state of isolation and dreamy melancholy – sparked a fire. They were created with absolutely no goal in mind in an effort to be free. Free from turbulent times, free from musical boundaries or practical constraints.

Oddly, these same songs kept coming back to us, signalling a greater purpose. We started adding to them, recrafting them, involving others to work on them and, before long, traded our home recording set-up for an actual studio. After several sessions with some of the mightiest people around, it was clear to us that collaboration was going to make this work.

What started as one’s creative outlet grew into a way for several musicians to combine forces, not just on the existing songs but as a platform of unlimited inspiration for new material.

We’re beyond excited to finally lift the veil and introduce you to our music.


Almighty Mighty will be presenting new music throughout 2019, with a first track being released in January. Music written and performed by a.o. Michele de Feudis, Stephane Misseghers, Ian Clement, Alan Gevaert, Reinhard Vanbergen, Charlotte Caluwaerts, Femke De Beleyr, Steven Janssens, Stijn Vanmarsenille.