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Kaleidoscopic and exhilarating


AMMAR 808 strikes again with a third album dropping on the French-Tunisian label Shouka. After wandering in North Africa and South India, he now plunges his roots into the depth of African animist voodoo, within the realm of supernatural entities that strive to experiment human nature through the Stambeli ritual.

AMMAR 808’s previous album Maghreb United (2018) – a powerful mixture of deep TR-808 bass and Pan-Maghreb beats and voices – received widespread critical acclaim and shook dancefloors throughout Europe, North Africa and beyond. This time Brussels-based Tunisian electronic producer Sofyann Ben Youssef (aka AMMAR 808) has travelled
to the Tamil Nadu region of southern India for a breath-taking new adventure.
With a suitcase full of recording equipment, he set up base in the pulsing city of Chennai and undertook a collaborative reimagining of the area’s rich and
resonant musics. Ranging from trance temple sounds to rap-like street
theatre performance and ending with the mathematical richness of
Carnatic music, Ben Youssef’s in situ recordings form the foundation
of his potent new album: Global Control / Invisible Invasion.

An exuberant, full-tilt affair…urged on by the pounding, insistent electro-percussion that dominates this intriguing blend of ancient and modern styles.” –The Guardian