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Amy Root

Tight and moving beats, exhilarating melodies and elements of creative surprise.

Behind the mysterious name of Amy Root hide two Dutch musicians, Lukas Amer and Sjoerd Huissoon, united through their shared passion for mind-expanding electronics and evocatively deep sonic immersions. Both coming from a classical background that’s taught them the basics of composition and recording, it’s at university that Lukas and Sjoerd met, first working in distinct bands and projects for several years, before getting their common vision to converge as one.


As Amy Root, Lukas and Sjoerd have come to exploit the multi-faceted veins of electronic music they first drew inspiration from, deploying their taste for spacious sequences and engrossing momentums via delicately crafted pieces that all have a strong visual character to them. Their debut EP, “Lynn” came out in 2018, and has since then been followed by “Elif” and their latest “Ava” EP, featuring five tracks that reflect their never-ending search for sonics that transcend time and space, cultures and appropriations.


Having honed their organic approach to sound production and melody making, Lukas and Sjoerd have developed a sound tailored for both extended dancefloor use and home-listening in equal measure. Always keen to add new colours to their palette, which spans from widescreen electronica to Easternmost flavours, via Afro-funk tropes and baroque musical components sourced the world over, Amy Root keeps carving out a lane truly their own in today’s electronic landscape. Never quite where you would expect them to be.