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Amy Root

Tight and moving beats, exhilarating melodies and elements of creative surprise.

‘Lynn’ – the debut EP from burgeoning Netherlands-based producer duo Amy
Root –released on November 9th, via Reflektor Records.
An exquisite collection of original productions from friends Lukas Amer and
Sjoerd Huissoon, the three-part opus combines tight, emotive beats and
exhilarating harmonies with diverse global influences to noteworthy effect.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Jon Hopkins, Bonobo and Jamie XX, the
Lynn EP explores multiple world music cultures within a familiar, yet exciting
framework. From Japanese drums, Bulgarian choral music, South African
percussion and more, the enigmatic duo brings their music to an exciting and
surprising new way of experiencing dance music.

Check out their debut EP ‘Lynn’

Amy Root Ft. Klangstof – Alike 

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