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To spawn something surreal out of the earthly.

Frank Wienk, a.k.a. Binkbeats is known for his progressive compositions which explore the boundaries between acoustic and electronic music. For his new project he collaborated with multi-disciplinary artist Henk Schut. His electro-acoustical objects combined with ritual percussion and influences from modern dance music form the spill in a fully immersive experience.

When Binkbeats started out in 2013 he immediately made a name for himself with his Beats Unraveled series on Youtube. His intricate 50+ instrument looping live shows have since then made a big impact in the worldwide beat community.  Instead of staying in lane and cash in on the success, he chose to challenge himself and come up with something totally different. For OHM, he wrote complex rhythmical pieces which he plays all the way live, no looping involved. Traditional ritual drums go hand in hand with drumcomputer sounds. Big resonating metal plates positioned around the audience. A quadraphonic speaker setup, drowning you in sound as the quietest ear candy passages are followed up by thunderous mayhem.

Musically, Wienk took inspiration from ritual instruments and techno-sounds. Drums with animal skins, timbila, simantra and a lithophone, but also drumcomputer kickdrums and deep basses. Polyrhythms are a key element in the compositions; as they shift in multiple layers over one another, they create a variable sense of time for the listener.

Out of great curiosity in sound, Wienk experimented with transforming a synthetic source into analog, acoustic sounds. In that search he found Henk Schut: making physical objects vibrate through electronic signals appeared to be a common interest. The musicality of Wienk and the expertise of Schut complemented each other: together they designed a new installation which inspired Wienk to make the spatial sound ritual that became ‘OHM’.



Past shows: Royal Albert Hall (Sold Out), Pitch Festival, DOUR Festival, Les Ardentes, Eurosonic, Transmusicales, Best Kept Secret, Le Guess Who?