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Bo Saris

Keep the Funk Alive!

Bo Saris is back! The Dutch soul singer / songwriter / producer has returned, armed with new album Neon. In recent years, Bo Saris topped the charts with hits including The Addict (2013) and She’s On Fire (2015). Since his first introduction to the public in 2003, the singer (who at the time went by the name Boris) has been known for his extremely soulful sound and his all-encompassing love for black music.

After a long period with many setbacks, Bo Saris started his climb back to the top in 2018. After a legal claim early 2017 in which he lost all the rights to his own music, and an all time low followed:

“I used 2017 to try and find my strength again. For a long time I didn’t enjoy playing live, I simply couldn’t do it. But all that changed in 2017. In 2018 it finally felt right to to start making and releasing music again.”

Now, peace and quiet has returned, and Bo Saris has been re-united with his all-time favourites: funk and soul! With Neon the focus is on new music, new creations, and the future. Looking back is not an option.

Neon stands for perseverance and faith, with its flag-bearer entitled Funk Still My Religion: a song that’s symbolic for Bo Saris’ continuous believe in both his own vision and his love for funk and soul.


We were first introduced to Bo Saris when he won TV show Idols in 2004, after which he released full-length albums Rely On Me (2004), Holy Pleasure (2006) and Live My Life (2009). In 2010 he brought his career to an international level and moved to London. Two years later he signed to Decca Universal UK, who released his album Gold (2014). He toured Europe and worked with artists like Chase & Status, Bondax, Calibre, Maya Jane Cole, Todd Edwards and Mousse T. His music has been used in several films, including 50 Shades Of Grey. In the UK, She’s On Fire was used in a Renault campaign.

Bo Saris
25 Jun 2019

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