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Broken Brass

Next level brass!!!


Broken Brass injects the traditional New Orleans brass with a fusion of hiphop, funk, soul, dance, jazz (and much more) and turn it into a blazing mixture of energy. They’re taking brass to a new level, creating a 2.1 version of the vibrant New Orleans brass sound and this eclectic and energetic sound has been running up a storm over Europe.

Live they deliver hard-hitting brass sounds and their interactive and riotous live shows have seen them conquer crowds all over Europe. They have sold out shows in UK venues in London, Manchester, Exeter, Norwich only on their live reputation and festivals in France, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Germany, Switserland, Belgium have witnessed the power of their live show. With more than 250 shows in under three years Broken Brass have most definitely become a live force to be reckoned with.

Broken Brass

Broken Brass
22 May 2022

Brasspartij Antwerpen
antwerpen BE

Broken Brass
10 Jun 2022


Broken Brass
11 Jun 2022

Mañana Mañana
Vorden NL

Broken Brass
25 Jun 2022

Concert @ Guus
Zeewolde NL

Broken Brass
30 Jun 2022

Woodstock der Blasmusik
Kammer AT

Broken Brass
02 Jul 2022

Brass'n Woods

Broken Brass
08 Jul 2022

Delft NL

Broken Brass
16 Jul 2022


Broken Brass
17 Jul 2022

Zwarte Cross
Lichtenvoorde NL