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Cam Cole

 The heaviest one-man band in the world

The heaviest one-man band in the world is back!

Cam Cole’s 3rd album “Unleash” is the result of an incredible journey from the streets of London to stages all around the world. Starting out as a busker on every street corner that would allow him to play, Cam’s videos went viral on social media, earning him a loyal fanbase, millions of streams, a cameo in Emmy winning TV show “Ted Lasso” and subsequent tours and festival slots across the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico etc, selling out club shows in cities he had never been in before.

Recorded live at the legendary Rockfield Studios in Wales, supplied only with occasional guitar double tracking and vocal harmonies if the production team found it added to the songs, Cam is taking what is possible with just a guitar and some Farmer Foot Drums further than anyone ever before him.

Shifting seamlessly from heavy blues to folk to rock and metal, this 40-minute journey from the dirty opening chords of “Truth Be Told” to the 7-minute rock epic “Home” is a breathtaking ride and sees Cam unleashing all the sounds that accumulated in his head, creating one of the most unique rock albums of 2023 along the way.

Cam will be on a world tour, from September 2023 to April 2024. taking him across the USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland and the UK

Cam Cole
20 Jul 2024

Zwarte Cross
Lichtenvoorde NL