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De Kift

"Poetic fanfare-punk", still conquering hearts everywhere

De Kift is a poetic multi-headed fanfare-punk band from The Netherlands. Full of unbridled energy, intimacy, melancholy and euphoria. And all that topped with a good dose of controlled chaos, both on record and on stage. A magnificent mishmash of magnetizing music. With Dutch song lyrics that consist of playful fragments of world literature.

Since its inception in 1988, De Kift has released ten studio albums, collaborated in several theater-, film- and other multimedia-projects, written music for film and televison, and toured with their shows extensively all over the Netherlands and abroad.

De Kift

De Kift
24 Jan 2019

Top 30 @ Patronaat
Haarlem NL

De Kift
02 Feb 2019

Top 30 @ P3
Purmerend NL

De Kift
09 Feb 2019

Top 30 @ Metropool
Enschede NL

De Kift
21 Feb 2019

Top 30 @ Gebr De Nobel
Leiden NL

De Kift
22 Feb 2019

Top 30 @ Vera
Groningen NL

De Kift
23 Feb 2019

Top 30 @ KAF

De Kift
14 Mar 2019

Top 30 @ Luxor Live
Arnhem NL

De Kift
22 Mar 2019

Top 30 @ Neushoorn
Leeuwarden NL

De Kift
30 Mar 2019

Besloten, Groningen
Appingedam NL