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a young & highly electrified Hammond-driven power trio


When Roger Glover heard DeWolff play live he thought he was hearing his Deep Purple Mark II blasting from the stage; Seasick Steve once woke up backstage and thought he heard the Allman Brothers play in 1972… but what they were really hearing was DeWolff, a young & highly electrified Hammond-driven power trio from the Netherlands. They released seven albums, three live-albums, they won a Dutch Grammy and recorded an album with Black Keys-producer Mark Neill. Their own fully analog studio, where they’ve produced many critically acclaimed albums, has become a cornerstone in the new chapter of Dutch roots-rock history. So, these guys must be in their fif…fou…thir… twenties?! Yes, you heard it right! Robin Piso and brothers Luka & Pablo van de Poel are some of the meanest, energetic, road-hardened and virtuosic musicians around (e.g. Pablo was even voted Holland’s #1 guitar player twice). They have played over a 1,000 shows all over Europe, Australia, Indonesia and even Russia, preaching their explosive mix of bluesrock with a dash of soul and psychedelica. These guys don’t just play music, they breathe music. You only have to see 2 minutes of a live DeWolff show to understand why music from the golden era of rock music still has a place in the 21st century. They didn’t make bands like this anymore, but then there was DeWolff!


DeWolff’s brand new 7th album “Tascam Tapes” sounds unlike any other DeWolff album: that’s because for this new album they used no drums, no hammond organ and no guitar amplifiers. The album was recorded entirely on a 4-track portable cassette recorder from the 1980’s using only portable instruments and drum samples from old soul & funk records. Why? Because it was recorded on tour, in the most impossible crammed places like the back of their van, tiny backstages and roadside truck stops. The result lies in some hip-shakin’ mind-bogglin’ dimension somewhere between planet Beastie Boys and planet Deep Purple. This is DeWolff like you’ve never heard them before!



23 Apr 2021

BURGERHAVEN (1,5m concert)

25 Apr 2021

013 - 1,5m concert
Tilburg NL

11 Sep 2021

Enschede NL

02 Dec 2021

Nijmegen NL

11 Dec 2021

Oosterpoort (SOLD OUT)
Groningen NL

16 Dec 2021

Eindhoven NL

29 Dec 2021

Maassilo (SOLD OUT)
Rotterdam NL