Everything flows, nothing ever stays the same

Territory: NL
Label: Prophecy Productions
Panta Rhei. Everything flows, nothing ever stays the same. Life itself is in a constant state of

change. Personal change, physical change, psychological change, the ever-changing world
around us. How does this affect us? And how do we keep being ourselves in a world that is so
incredibly demanding and aggressive with all its input? We must be as fluid as water to
navigate ourselves through this ocean of possibilities and uncertainties – and make peace with
chaos and impermanence.
After critically acclaimed first two albums ‘Here Now, There Then’ (2017) and ‘Summerland’
(2020), Dutch five-piece, DOOL, returns with a captivating and enthralling album that shows
a band that has truly developed their own unique identity. Produced and mixed by Magnus
Lindberg (Cult Of Luna, Russian Circles, Tribulation ) and mastered by Ted Jensen (Ghost,
Mastodon, Muse, Talking Heads, AC/DC), ‘The Shape Of Fluidity’ exhibits an eclectic but
seamless mix between progressive rock , metal and post -rock in combination with a
songwriting that doesn ’t lose sight of the inherent catchiness and dynamic backdrop that
DOOL is so well known for.
The album is marked by the bundled forces of songwriting trio Raven van Dorst, Nick
Polak, and Omar Iskandr. Combined with the sub-frequencies produced by JB van der
Wal and the abundant creativity of new drummer Vincent Kreyder, this results in an album
that is audibly the most collective endeavor of the band to date.
Thematically, the album deals with the concept of identity in a world that is constantly in
flux. How can we be true to ourselves when the world around us has such high and
constraining expectations? It is a question everyone faces one way or another. On a more
personal level, the lyrics deal with the story of lead singer Raven van Dorst, who was born
intersex, and as an infant surgically forced to live their life as a girl. That was until deciding
to take matters into their own hands a few years ago by reclaiming the space that was taken
from them, changing their name, and finally becoming at peace with their hermaphroditic
nature. These themes are materialized in ‘The Shape Of Fluidity’, which is an album about
finding oneself, swimming up against the stream, and facing the world head on.

‘DOOL’, being derived from the Dutch word for ‘wandering’, originally emerged out of the
ashes of ‘The Devil’s Blood’ and ‘Elle Bandita’ in 2015. By soul-searching their way
through rhythms and melodies, debut album ‘Here Now, There Then’ was born. Not long
after its release on German Prophecy Productions in 2017 the album was awarded Metal
Hammer ’s ‘Debut Album Of The Year’. The album – which featured the cult hit ‘
Oweynagat’, with its accompanying ominous music video – also initiated the band’s fierce
live reputation , by resulting in multiple headline tours throughout Europe , which included
spots at festivals such as Graspop (Belgium), Lowlands (The Netherlands), Wacken Open Air
(Germany), Wave Gotik Treffen (Germany), Hellfest (France), and Metal Days (Slovenia).
Following the release of the ‘Love Like Blood’ EP, which included their unique and widely
hailed take on Killing Joke’s classic song, the band returned to the studio for the recordings
of ‘Summerland’ in 2019 – together with producer Martin Ehrencrona (Viagra Boys) and
later on mixed and mastered by Magnus Lindberg. The sophomore album further developed
the dynamic entity that is DOOL, as it blended its musical craftsmanship with an exploration
of new dimensions and sonic atmospheres. ‘Summerland’ made it to number 9 in the German
album charts and was praised by many . It was received as album of the year by Metal
Hammer Poland, Rock Hard (France and Germany), and Sonic Seducer magazine amongst
Although the global pandemic put constraints on the worldwide tours that were planned for
‘Summerland’, the band toured through Europe in 2022 and was featured on festivals like
Brutal Assault (Czech Republic), Desertfest (Belgium), Grauzone (The Netherlands), and
Graspop (Belgium). The concluding show – which formed the apex of the tour for all those
involved – was documented in the form of a live album, managing to capture DOOL’s
spellbinding live energy. ‘Visions of Summerland’ was recorded underneath the colossal
organ and stained-glass windows of the Arminius church, situated in the band’s hometown
Rotterdam. It was also the last show of longtime friend and drummer Micha Haring.
2024 will see DOOL appear at stages around the world once again, beginning with a release
show at the infamous Roadburn festival in Tilburg (The Netherlands).
May all those who wander gather under the fluid flag of DOOL.


20 Jul 2024
Zwarte Cross, Netherlands, Lichtenvoorde
27 Aug 2024
Zeeland Nazomerfestival, Netherlands, Middelburg
14 Sep 2024
Baroeg Open Air, Netherlands, Rotterdam
16 Nov 2024
Helldorado, Netherlands, Eindhoven
12 Dec 2024
De Muziekgieterij, The Netherlands, Maastricht
13 Dec 2024
Doornroosje, Netherlands, Nijmegen
14 Dec 2024
De Oosterpoort, Netherlands, Groningen
19 Dec 2024
Melkweg, Netherlands, Amsterdam
20 Dec 2024
TivoliVredenburg, Netherlands, Utrecht
21 Dec 2024
Nobel, Netherlands, Leiden
22 Dec 2024
013, Netherlands, Tilburg