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Dynamic and agressive blackisch rock

Since their hatching from underneath the industrial fumes of Dutch harbour city Rotterdam back
in 2015, DOOL has undeniably left their gloomy mark on the European dark rock scene. After
having risen from the ashes of both ‘The Devil’s Blood’ and ‘Elle Bandita’, this pack of wildlings
has gathered and set their collective goal to achieve creative evolution and spiritual ascension
through the unity that was since then called ‘DOOL’.

‘DOOL’ being derived from the Dutch word for ‘wandering’, the five-piece started soul-searching
their way through rhythms and melodies that would soon evolve into their debut album ‘Here
Now, There Then’. A first glimpse of what DOOL was becoming was unveiled by the single
‘Oweynagat’ and its eerie and mysterious accompanying video. The full album was released in
2017 on German Prophecy Productions, who were one of many record labels offering the band a
record deal immediately after their infamous Roadburn Festival (NL) 2016 showcase.