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At the forefront of the modern R&B landscape

‘ʼBorn out of a love for sample-hiphop and neo-soulʼʼ

That is the foundation of the Rotterdam-based alt-R&B band Dragonfruit.
Influenced by a multitude of sounds ranging from the bouncy drums of hip-hop
to the lush melodies of R&B and the energy of club bangers, the band puts
itself on the forefront of the modern R&B landscape.
With endorsements from blogs like EARMILK, Stereofox and KALTBLUT the
band is on its way to create a buzz for themselves with their unique take on
soul and R&B.
What does it sound like? Picture yourself dreaming off into rich lo-fi textures
and worlds of organic electronics while your body is being moved by hardhitting
beats and the mesmerising voice of lead singer Danique van der Vlugt.