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Ifriqiyya Electrique

Adorcist ritual Post Indus-Electro Rock

Lost for months, immersed in Djerid, the desert of salt and the oases of the Tunisian South, recording, filming, working and composing with the Banga community  – the former Haussa black slaves. Neither musical notes nor tempo were changed.  We let the devils communicate with COMPUTERS and ELECTRIC GUITARS to recompose together this adorcist rite of possession and trance.  We were aware that from Djerid to the TECHNO discos of Ibiza and the Moscow ROCK clubs the NEED TO FORGET ONESELF, to rise, was absolutely identical. Blood and sweat were intermingled, the final point of no return had been crossed, the veil had been lifted from the normal : nobody and nothing would ever be the same again. But do not be mistaken: Ifriqiyya Electrique is about of SUFISM, contemporary, savage, essential.


Ifriqiyya ElectriqueIfriqiyya ElectriqueIfriqiyya ElectriqueIfriqiyya Electrique