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Swedish alternative metalcore

Since the release of the bands breakthrough single ’The Sickness’ (2015), and previous record ”This Is Goodbye” (2017), the Swedish alternative metalcore act has become one of the country’s most promising exports with the latest album truly distinguishing the diversity and vastness in IMMINENCE’s identity of heartrending emotion. A significant milestone in the group’s discography and an exceptional composition of sheer force and fragility that fears no boundaries or constraints.

“The new IMMINENCE album is called ”Turn The Light On” which encourages to shed light on the darkness we carry within. The lyrical theme of the record is inner conflict, self-doubt, depression and self-destruction. Music has always been, and now more than ever, an outlet and a way for me to cope with these emotions. This is my testimony to my mental ill-health. It is the most soul-baring, personal and important piece of work we have ever made as a band.” – Eddie Berg


09 Jul 2022

Leiden NL