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Ishmael Ensemble

Spiralling jazz, psychedelic electronica and club-ready percussive workouts

‘Ishmael’ is a saxophonist, DJ, producer and bandleader, known to his friends as Pete Cunningham. Over the past few years, he’s conducted some madly varied DJ sets, created remixes of tracks by techno legend Carl Craig and he’s also brought his studio-bound inventions to life with the help of a band: the Ishmael Ensemble. Making music that’s pitched somewhere between astral jazz, burbling electronica, trippy minimalism, psychedelic dub and 20 years of club culture.

About debut album ‘State of Flow’ (2019): “The double bass riff on the jerky drum’n’bass track Siren! recalls Roni Size’s Brown Paper Bag; the doomy bass on Lapwing owes much to Massive Attack and there are numerous nods to the twitchy industrial rhythms of Mark Stewart and the Pop Group. But A State of Flow’s appeal is to invoke varied source material without ever sounding like empty pastiche.” – The Guardian

“The six-piece outfit and collaborators are championing the UK’s thriving contemporary jazz sound while simultaneously keeping in step with experimental and inventive electronic tropes.” – DJ mag

Cunningham continues to DJ at festivals and venues across Europe. From band leader to consummate selector, there are multiple sides of Pete Cunningham, but they all extend from the same deep-rooted love of music, and dedication to his craft.

Ishmael Ensemble