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Janne Schra

Witty and charming pop diva is crossing borders with her golden voice

PONZO, Schra’s fifth studio album, which she recorded with Torre Florim (De Staat) at their home, was released in February 2015 and immediately went on to be nominated for an Edison and 3voor12 award, two of the most important Dutch music awards! The single Carry On has been getting a lot of airplay worldwide and Janne has celebrated her successes with a two-piece tour, playing sold-out shows all across the Netherlands.

Janne Schra (born 1981) began her musical career with the band Room Eleven, touring with them through Europe, Japan, Canada and South Africa, with highlights including performances at the Montréal Jazz Festival and Johannesburg Joy of Jazz. The album Six White Russians and a Pink Pussycat (2006) went platinum, Mmm…Gumbo (2008), recorded in New York, went gold. The band’s sold-out performance at Royal Theatre Carré in Amsterdam was recorded live and released on DVD. Room Eleven also received two major Dutch music awards, an Essent Award and a Silver Harp award.

DE VOLKSKRANT ★★★★ (2015)
“It looks like Schra is a singer who has found her voice: she’s never sounded so at ease, so confident.”

AD ★★★★ (2015)
“Owner of one of the most intriguing voices in this country.”

BN DE STEM (2015)
“Janne Schra has guts, she does exactly what her heart tells her to.”

SOUNDSZ (2015)
“Take note, Holland: The name is Schra, Janne Schra.”

LUST FOR LIFE ★★★★(2015)
“Stunningly sung.”

OOR (2015)
“Ponzo delivers a lot of great songs and surprising soundscapes, but still holds a solid profile together. Here, Schra lives up to a whole lot of promise.”

NRC ★★★★★ (2013)
“A breath of fresh air – in mind and heart. A combination of musical growth and self- reflection, expressed principally in more personal lyrics and selecting instruments that best suit her intriguing, rather sensual voice. Schra’s dreamy penchant for nostalgia has remained. Less the loveable girl, with a rawer, mature sound.”

VOGUE (2013)
“Janne Schra sounds more relaxed than ever before. A jazzy, vulnerable album with a generous touch of melancholy.”

Janne Schra