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Joep Beving

Joep Beving, a sensation of the contemporary classical streaming world

Joep Beving, a sensation of the contemporary classical streaming world, returns to his solo piano roots with Hermetism. The Dutch composer/pianist’s fourth album for Deutsche Grammophon will be released globally on 8 April 2022. Inspired by ancient philosophy, Beving’s latest project is an album in search of universal ideas. “I hope that it will have a comforting and communal effect on listeners,” says the artist. Written during the dark days of the pandemic, in an age of fear and polarisation, Hermetism blends poignant melancholy with an offer of hope, spanning twelve new tracks recorded on Beving’s cherished Schimmel piano.

Beving has used music to explore some of life’s big philosophical questions in three hugely successful albums – Solipsism, Prehension and Henosis. After his trilogy for Deutsche Grammophon, he was left with a question: what next? The answer eluded him at first, so he turned to composing for a Dutch film and stage play. Yet ideas that had been brewing for years began to take shape. “I came back to the piano to feel at home and in tune with myself and my surroundings,” notes Beving. “I wanted to go by what felt right, which was to go back to the beginning, to solo piano songs, but using everything I had learned during the making of the trilogy.”


Joep Beving

Joep Beving
24 Feb 2024

Circle of Live
London GB

Joep Beving
22 Mar 2024

Budapest House of Music
Budapest HU

Joep Beving
16 Apr 2024

Neues Museum (The Exposition Room)
Nürnberg DE

Joep Beving
17 Apr 2024

Kirche Neumünster Zurich
Zürich CH

Joep Beving
25 Apr 2024

JazzKaar Festival
Tallinn EE

Joep Beving
12 May 2024

Oslo Opera House
Oslo NO

Joep Beving
23 Jun 2024

Minneapolis US

Joep Beving
25 Jun 2024

Thalia Hall
Chicago US

Joep Beving
26 Jun 2024

Miracle Theatre
Washington US

Joep Beving
28 Jun 2024

Boston US

Joep Beving
29 Jun 2024

Highland Center Of The Arts
Greensboro US

Joep Beving
30 Jun 2024

Montreal Jazz Festival at Gesu
Montréal CA

Joep Beving
02 Jul 2024

The Great Hall
Toronto CA