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Horn, guitar and drums, Kapok makes free, wild, adventurous music

Kapok is one of the most recognizable young bands on the Dutch music scene today. The band is known for their rhythmic fireworks and infectious interaction, and for the fierce, unpredictable energy of their live shows. Kapok borrows from many different kinds of music, including funk rock, classical music, free improv and African music – a collection of influences that might sound unlikely, but flows together quite naturally in their music.

The first thing you notice about Kapok is the unusual instrumentation. There is no bass, Remco Menting’s drum kit is one of a kind, and Timon Koomen conjures up colourful sound worlds on his guitar. You might know the French horn as an instrument from the classical tradition, but in the hands of Morris Kliphuis this is quickly forgotten. Kliphuis, one of the few jazz hornists in the world, sings, growls and grooves on his instrument as if it was made for jazz. Onstage, the band interprets every song anew, which means no two concerts are ever alike.


15 Dec 2021

Haarlem NL

17 Dec 2021

Pro Jazz Koorenhuis
Den Haag NL

19 Dec 2021

Amsterdam NL