Kasaï Allstars

Wild, raw, trance-inducing, intense music

Kasaï Allstars is a collective revolving around 25 musicians from six bands, all from the Kasaï region, but originating from five different ethnic groups: the Luba, the Songye, the Lulua, the Tetela and the Luntu. Some of these groups have endured conflicting relationships over the centuries, they each have their own culture, their own language and their own musical traditions, which were always thought to be incompatible until these musicians decided to pool their resources and form a “superband”.

Kasaï Allstars’ music is powerful and sophisticated, driving and raw. It blends acoustic instruments with electric guitars, distortion-laden thumb pianos (with DIY amplification) and soulful vocals. They often sound like some kind of retro-futurist primeval rock band (“This is rock sucked back to the continent of its birth to be granted a glorious resurrection”, wrote UK magazine The Word)

While the cultural aspect of their work is important to them, the members of the Kasaï Allstars collective are first and foremost musicians and performers, who decided to try and combine their respective traditions, styles, languages and instruments. This process (which means that they often have to invent new parts, and adapt certain musical patterns for instruments that normally don’t play them), as well as the band’s interaction with modern amplification and production techniques through their collaboration with the producer Vincent Kenis, give an exciting and very creative angle to the project.

Part of the special appeal of Kasaï Allstars’ music comes from the diversity and charisma of the band’s vocalists (no less than six of them perform lead vocals on the album) and instrumentalists. Their live show is really something not to be missed. The wild, driving rhythms and exhilarating vocals are as exciting as those heard on their albums, and are even further enhanced by spectacular dancing.

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Kasaï Allstars