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Kay Slice

Grooves from a hip hop kid with a Ghana soul

He sliced it up on National TV at De Wereld Draait Door, opened ‘The Year of Rembrandt’, got Gregory Porter’s tour pianist to join his new live-band, performed in front of the King with his Brandwerk fellas on national tv and made it to De Grote Prijs finals. Kay Slice cuts, strikes and heals. And he’s on a musical mission. Wonder what that sounds like? Picture a blend of hip hop, soul and afrobeat: meditations on self-love, identity and everything that crosses the quest of finding yourself.


Kay SliceKay SliceKay Slice

Kay Slice
17 Jun 2022

Hipfest Scheveningen

Kay Slice
23 Jun 2022

Hall of Fame @ Paradox (with Dragonfruit)

Kay Slice
25 Jun 2022

Den Haag NL

Kay Slice
08 Jul 2022

Amsterdam NL

Kay Slice
29 Jul 2022

Sunny Side Up
Den Hoorn Texel NL