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Kay Slice

Grooves from a hip hop kid with a Ghana soul

He sliced it up on National TV at De Wereld Draait Door, opened ‘The Year of Rembrandt’, got Gregory Porter’s tour pianist to join his new live-band, performed in front of the King with his Brandwerk fellas on national tv and made it to De Grote Prijs finals. Kay Slice cuts, strikes and heals. And he’s on a musical mission. Wonder what that sounds like? Picture a blend of hip hop, soul and afrobeat: meditations on self-love, identity and everything that crosses the quest of finding yourself.


Kay SliceKay SliceKay Slice

Kay Slice
03 Sep 2022

Wereldfeest Papendrecht
Papendrecht NL

Kay Slice
30 Sep 2022

Betweter Festival
Utrecht NL