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Kerala Dust

Driving sounds for late nights

KERALA DUST – Biography
Kerala Dust was formed in London in 2016. Growing up on the sounds of CAN, The
Velvet Underground and Tom Waits while spending blurry mornings in nightclubs,
the band combines those disparate influences of psychedelic rock, blues and
techno into one.
“Driving sounds for late nights; or perhaps you’re on a street somewhere in the
Western hemisphere, and a shiny new car passes you by too fast, like something
from a glossy magazine, and before you know it, it’s gone again.”

Their live performances are a constant conversation around the sounds from the
studio. Pieces are re-interpreted, looped, dismantled, and put back together again.
Since first touring in 2017, Kerala Dust have played over 150 international shows in
the USA, Europe, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, Dom. Republic and many more countries.
Events such as DGTL (Tel Aviv), Dockville (Hamburg), Lightning in a Bottle
(California), Kater Blau (Berlin), Tropico (Mexico), Sonar (Barcelona) are but a few
in a long list of festivals and nightclubs that Kerala Dust have played in only a
couple of years.
The members of Kerala Dust work from their studio in Berlin.

Kerala Dust are
Edmund Kenny on vocals/electronics
Harvey Grant on keys
Lawrence Howarth on guitar.