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La Pegatina

Highly explosive party act, scientifically defined as Fiesta Therapy!

Famous for their festive spirit, their energy and their connection with the audience. Tearing of the roof where-ever they are playing. Different musical styles come and go, combining with their lively urban rumba, providing every colour imaginable, and vindicating the purity of the impure and the richness of the fusion of genres.



La PegatinaLa Pegatina

La Pegatina
03 Apr 2022

Den Haag NL

La Pegatina
06 Apr 2022

De Oosterpoort
Groningen NL

La Pegatina
07 Apr 2022

Eindhoven NL

La Pegatina
08 Apr 2022

Nijmegen NL

La Pegatina
09 Apr 2022

Amsterdam NL

La Pegatina
10 Apr 2022

La Madeleine
Brussels BE

La Pegatina
01 Oct 2022