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La Sra. Tomasa (ES)

Highly danceable mix of latin and dance brings musica mestiza to another level

Seven boys from Barcelona setting the stage on fire with their wild mix of latin and dance. La Sra. Tomasa (or La Señora Tomasa in full) dares to mix up latin-american styles as timba and salsa with their own rumba catalana, adding substantial portions of reggae, funk and rap with a sound that relates to electronic dance styles as drum & bass, dubstep and house.
This fusion of styles leads to a repertoire that is always non-conventional, creative and highly danceable.

The latest endeavor is the „live sessions“ concept: A series of live performances, filmed and recorded live to be posted on Youtube, culminating in the „live sessions“ series live shows. Watch some of those videos here!

La Sra. Tomasa (ES)La Sra. Tomasa (ES)