Radar Agency

Les Robots

Mechanical men from outer space

Les Robots are programmed masterminds D.V.R. and R-JoHN backed up by their live assisting bots Pete-R and C.A.S.E. Who programmed these robots? That’s officially unknown and unofficially; classified, though people do speculate that it might be legendary producer Joe Meek. Whoever or whatever programmed these mechanical men does have a soft spot for mental earthlings like The Shadows, The Ventures, Terry Terauchi, Booker T & The MG’s, Link Wray and various composers of sixties cinema soundtracks.

Label: SPAZZ

Les Robots

Les Robots
19 May 2019

DB's (w/ Shonen Knife)
Utrecht NL

Les Robots
14 Jun 2019

Manana Manana
Hummelo NL

Les Robots
15 Jun 2019

Amsterdam NL