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Les Robots

Mechanical men from outer space

Les Robots are programmed masterminds D.V.R. and R-JoHN backed up by their live assisting bots Pete-R and C.A.S.E. Who programmed these robots? That’s officially unknown and unofficially; classified, though people do speculate that it might be legendary producer Joe Meek. Whoever or whatever programmed these mechanical men does have a soft spot for mental earthlings like The Shadows, The Ventures, Terry Terauchi, Booker T & The MG’s, Link Wray and various composers of sixties cinema soundtracks.

Label: SPAZZ

Les Robots

Les Robots
26 Oct 2019

DDW Music
Eindhoven NL

Les Robots
17 Nov 2019

Cross Comics
Rotterdam NL

Les Robots
30 Nov 2019

Oedipus Brewing
Amsterdam NL

Les Robots
07 Dec 2019

Muziekcooperatie (w/ The Colour Collection)
Meppel NL

Les Robots
13 Dec 2019

Zwarte Ruiter
Den Haag NL

Les Robots
20 Dec 2019

Utrecht NL