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Muyayo Rif

8 piece fiesta animal which will eat your crowd!


Muyayo Rif is from Cornellá de Llobregat (Barcelona). They started with mixing  punk, ska, reggae, latin and rock, in the best of the Barcelona mestizo tradition.   From  2007 they started to work with bass player/producer Gambeat (Manu Chao La Ventura,  Mano Negra) which helped to develop an incredible energetic live performance. The band has always been critically commenting daily live from a positive view without forgetting to make you dance.

Muyayo Rif proves to be impressive at their live performances, leaving no one without dancing.

Muyayo RifMuyayo Rif

Muyayo Rif
01 Apr 2021

Nijmegen NL

Muyayo Rif
02 Apr 2021

Rotterdam NL

Muyayo Rif
03 Apr 2021

De Helling
Utrecht NL

Muyayo Rif
07 May 2021

Groningen NL

Muyayo Rif
08 May 2021

Labadoux festival
Ingelmunster BE