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great, accessible pop music with authentic indie vibes

Music like this is usually advertised in promo letters with the well-known names of the three big labels on them. NEEVE from Stuttgart play great, accessible pop music with authentic indie vibes that could hold its own in the opening act of Sam Fender or The 1975 at any time. Two bands, by the way, that NEEVE themselves like to cite as inspiration. Their sound fits very well into a time when the Giant Rooks are growing their audience all over the world and, thanks to TikTok, suddenly even have fans in Mexico. You only have to hear the opener “Piece Of Art” to wonder how the heck NEEVE could have recorded, produced, promoted and released their album “Chaos Of My Mind” almost entirely on their own: It starts with an amusing Bob Ross intro over a playful keyboard and then these crystal clear guitars come in before the whole band kicks in and Felix Seyboth sings the first lines with his longing, soft voice. This is the kind of song you normally hear on albums that are then handed over by Warner/Sony/Universal to Abbey Road Studios for final mastering at great expense – and not on a debut that you could stick the “DIY” seal on the cover with a clear conscience. But who says that DIY only works for hardcore aggression or rumble punk?