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Adventurous, atmospheric music with an unmistakeable message

Nynke Laverman blurs boundaries. With producer and percussionist Sytze Pruiksma, she creates adventurous, atmospheric music with an unmistakeable message. She wins numerous prizes and works with international celebrities like Javier Limón. With her soulful voice as her greatest weapon, she draws you into a new, wondrous world with each song.

‘A leaf-blown shimmer of a voice’ (The Independent)

In 2021 she releases Plant, a powerful album which the press calls hypnotic, a kind of musical film you can lose yourself in. With timeless lyrics like ‘Your Ancestor’, she homes in on the way we, as people, inhabit the Earth, while also challenging us to do some real soul-searching: ‘through my music I hope to conjure up a world in which people are able to listen to themselves more closely.’

After two successful tours along the theatres she now heads for clubs and festivals: The Plant Bloom Sessions is a spell-binding journey of stirring beats, surreal soundscapes and spoken word, in which she also invites other artists like Ragazze Quartet, one of the most fresh and leading string quartets of the moment.


Nynke Laverman
26 May 2024

Plant Bloom Sessions met Ragazze Quartet
Amsterdam NL

Nynke Laverman
02 Jun 2024

Oranjewoud festival - Plant sessions met Ragazze Kwartet
Oranjewoud NL

Nynke Laverman
03 Jun 2024

Nynke Laverman & Ragazze Quartet
Groningen NL