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Parra For Cuva

melody-laden electronic tracks

Parra for Cuva’s sonic identity can be encapsulated in a single word: Wanderlust. Renowned
for a distinct sense of worldliness, his music forms a magical realm where the resonance of
Caribbean steel drum may intertwine with ancient Zimbabwean instruments, set against
melodic electronic soundscapes that transport the listener to distant lands. This openness
has been a defining feature since the beginning of the German electronic producer and
multi-instrumentalist’s career. Upon relocating to Berlin, he continued his exploration,
incorporating elements ranging from bells to flutes and kalimbas. Despite the refinement of
his skills and the maturation of his sound, his music retains a starry-eyed quality that
embodies the spirit of adventure.
With chart-topping singles and two acclaimed albums, Majouré (2014) and Darwîś (2016),
Parra for Cuva’s breakthrough came with the release of Paspatou (2018). Unafraid to blend
dance floor experimentations with acoustic and ethnic soundscapes, his fourth studio album,
Juno (2021), involved collaborations with musicians from around the world. Drawing
comparisons to contemporaries like Christian Löffler and Max Cooper, known for infusing
electronic productions with warm, often melancholic analog sounds, Parra for Cuva has
graced prestigious festivals and sold-out stages globally, including Burning Man and Sziget.
Anticipated in 2024, his upcoming album, Mimose, promises a captivating sonic journey with
exciting collaborations.

Parra For Cuva
03 May 2024

Melkweg (w/ Palladian) (SOLD OUT)
Amsterdam NL

Parra For Cuva
05 Feb 2025

Amsterdam NL