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Sam Renascent

a combination of electronic pop music with Afro/American beats

┬áThe term self-made man fits 23-year old Sam Renascent to a tee. His name – a play on the Latin renascentium – refers to a rebirth. It came to him when he was eighteen years old and had just traveled to his native Congo for the first time. He returned to Belgium determined to pursue a career in music more fiercely than ever before.

One of Sam’s most charming features is his willingness to put in the work. The road to fame is inevitably paved with gigs in less than ideal venues for less than plentiful crowds. But its all good. Without hesitation, Sam jumps on stage – quite literally – and gives his fans what they came for.

He was recently signed by V2 Records. For the past few months, he has been working with multi-platinum selling British record producer Steve Osborne and Pete Hutchings. His first single “Kobotama” is a smart pop song featuring vintage synthesizer chords, electronic beats and a chorus you only have to hear once to remember. But it is the African accents – the percussion, the balafon, the Soukous-inspired electric guitar – that really set it apart.

Sam Renascent