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Sheila and The Kit

Irresistible dance music

Edgy and energetic sound
Sheila and The Kit makes alternative synth pop. Catchy vocals combined with motoric synths and drums result in an edgy and energetic sound that’s designed to dance to. Sheila and the Kit started writing music with one important goal. It had to be music where they themselves would want to dance to, all night long. They locked themselves in their studio and soon the first concepts were created. “We’re not writing about misery and failures, but about things that kept us busy during our formative years. Love, awkwardness, clothes, books, hobbies, skating and 7-UP.”

Musical Candy Necklace
In collaboration with band members Chris Doyle and Ralf Pouw, these first concepts grew to become a musical candy necklace, which now, two years later, is ready to be shared with the world. The first material they presented was the singles ‘Good Love Stories’ (with which the band became KX Radio Talent in February), ‘Next 2 U’ and ‘Homeschool Sweethearts’, which together make up for almost 100.000 Spotify streams. Sheila and the Kit was part of the Popronde 2018, performed at ESNS 2019, release their first EP in sept 2019 and will release their full album (also on vinyl) in January 2020.

Sheila and the Kit:
Suzanne Kipping / Rotterdam
Bo Koek / Roelofarendsveen
Chris Doyle / New York
Ralf Pouw / Amsterdam