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Sidi Wacho

¿Cómo? Hip Hop Balkan Cumbia!!

They come from Chile, France and Algeria, but they proudly claim to be home everywhere in the world. It is in a very festive “cumbia-hip hop-balkan” atmosphere that Sidi Wacho’s caravan, composed of two MCs, one trumpet player, one accordionist and one percussionist, settles down noisily to remind us at every moment that “El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido”.
After three albums, “Libre” (2016), “Bordeliko” (2018), “Elegancia Popular” (2020), and hundreds of concerts throughout the world, Sidi Wacho comes back in 2022 with a new project called “CALLE SOUND SYSTEM”. In this fourth very colourful and politically committed album, Sidi Wacho reports in music on an authoritarian period and pays tribute to those who fight every day for their emancipation.
Sidi WachoSidi Wacho