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Sister Ray

An unyielding, spacious, and commanding form of indie rock

What does it take to not only become unburdened by your past, but to embrace its many contours? Sister Ray, the project of Edmonton-born Métis songwriter Elle Coyes, was conceived out of necessity; a self-designed vehicle built to examine trauma with unflinching honesty. Sister Ray’s music is steeped in a wide range of cultural influences. With gospel bluegrass and 90’s country playing in the background of their youth, it was the traditional Métis music played at home that not only brought them close to their heritage but taught them a form of storytelling rooted in collective value, resilience, and safety. The result is an unyielding, spacious, and commanding form of indie rock, rooted in the folk tradition, that transforms unvarnished, interior reflections into a generous public offering.  

“a complex study of webs of interpersonal hurt, one that attempts honesty without blame and resilience without toughness” – Pitchfork

“[Sister Ray] manages to express a rare sense of intimacy in the act of realizing itself. There is power in that.” – Exclaim

Sister RaySister Ray