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Frustrated youth from Eindhoven

Frustrated youth from Eindhoven + freaky screams + strong lyrics + heavy sound explosions = SØWT. The perfect recipe for noise rock at it’s finest, influenced by legendary bands such as Nirvana, Sonic Youth and the The Smashing Pumpkins. SØWT is the perfect balance between the passion and aggression and the calm and cool. Whether you are angry, irritated, sad or feel al kinds of emotions, SØWT is the one you are looking for.

The four piece will blast you from your chair with either noisy distorted guitars or their relatable, sometimes confronting lyrics. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!





05 Jun 2023

OJC Jonosh - Kermis
Heusden Gem Asten NL

24 Jun 2023

Hof Der Zotheid
Utrecht NL

16 Jul 2023

Kinky Star
Gent BE

14 Oct 2023

Here's The Thing @ 013
Tilburg NL

17 Nov 2023

Xinix (w/ Splinter)
Nieuwendijk NL