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Szun Waves

An electronic psyjazz superband with Luke Abbott, Jack Wyllie and Laurence Pike

Szun Waves is Luke Abbott – from James Holden’s Border Community label – with Portico Quartet and Circle Traps’ Jack Wyllie and Australian drummer Laurence Pike known from bands Triosk and PVT.

In some senses this is jazz, and in its ripples, sparkles and of rhythm will certainly chime with anyone turned on by Don Cherry, Alice Coltrane or Sun Ra.  But just as much it’s in the British electronic tradition of artists like James  Holden (in whose studio the first album was recorded), Four Tet and Nathan Fake that Abbott has emerged from – only now instead of his synths echoing Norfolk’s wide open pastoral landscapes, they’re depicting altogether more celestial vistas.

Szun WavesSzun Waves