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TankZilla goes full-tilt boogie

Satan fucked a Panzer and the offshoot is TankZilla. Or so it seems. Well, this what really happened in the Eindhoven grit: after Peter Pan Speedrock went tits up, singer and guitar player Peter van Elderen hooked op with former Wolfskop drummer Marcin Hurkmans. As soon as these music junkies started jamming they got on like a house on fire.

It felt as if their motor skills were connected like a motherfucker with a brother from another mother. This two-headed creature wrecks like a tank and packs Godzilla-sized riffs and beats. In the same vein as Repomen, Peter’s short-lived but heavier-than-thou Roadburn alumni, the tarmac grooves are scorching. TankZilla goes full-tilt boogie.


16 Jul 2022

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Lievelde NL

20 Aug 2022

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08 Oct 2022

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23 Dec 2022

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