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Exploring the fusion of Galician tradition with urban and modern sounds


Tanxuqueiras explores with curiosity the fusion of the tradition with urban and modern sounds.

Sabela Maneiro, Aida Tarrío and Olaia Maneiro are Tanxugueiras, they are cantareiras (singers) for a new decade. They are able reinterpret the songs of a millenary tradition merging it with modern, urban sounds closer to electronic or trap music. Their energy, their empowerment and their vocal virtuosity are the best examples of their innovative style.
They pick up the legacy of the pandereteiras (female tambourine players), the woman who kept the Galician traditional music alive. Tanxugueiras builts respectfully further on this and offers a new vision full of modernity, with an epic style and ancestral strength that is receiving great success in Spain and on a variety of stages all over Europe.


In collaboration with our Spanish partners from Sonde3 & Playplan.