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Dawn Brothers

apparent casualness and utter craftsmanship

Who said roots music can’t ever be cutting-edge? While the Dawn Brothers embrace an
authentic old school approach in music, these players are focused firmly on the present
and the future.
This band just oozes musicality: they could pick up two soda bottles and a tooth brush and
make it swing. And to top it all, their vocal harmonies will make the dental enamel pop right
off your teeth. No gimmick, show, or schtick: the Dawn Brothers are as close to the real
deal as it gets.
However, they would never tell you any of the above themselves: they’re from The
Netherlands’ port city Rotterdam. It’s a place of humble and hard-working down-to-earth
people. And it’s this combination of apparent casualness and utter craftsmanship that
makes the Dawn Brothers so damn delightful to watch.
Ever since the release of their debut album Stayin’ Out Late in 2017, the band toured
throughout The Netherlands, Germany, the UK, Hungary and France, performed at
Oppikoppi festival in South Africa and played the legendary Americanafest in Nashville,
TN. In 2018 the band released their second album Classic, followed by a headline tour in
NL and Germany and two support tours for DeWolff, which led to the following:
The 2019 project titled Next Of Kin, a collaboration featuring some of the best roots/rock
acts the Netherlands has to offer. Joined by DeWolff and Tim Knol, the Dawn Brothers
delivered a 6 song EP followed by a headline tour through The Netherlands.
Since then the Dawn Brothers have been working on the new album Dusk. They took a
convoy full of equipment to a villa in France surrounded by nature – far away from the rest
of the world. Together with their good friend Tim van der Burg they set up a studio in the
living room, fired up the barbecue, put on swimmers and started recording the album.
The cornerstone of the record is its hassle-free mentality and avoiding gimmicks. This
resulted in a certain pureness of the sound and the simplistic character of the songs.
After the album was finished last February, Levi announced that his dreams regarding the
Dawn Brothers had been fulfilled. He left the group for an individual path in music, without
his brothers. Tammo Deuling, who has been a good friend of the band for years, is a
talented bass player, singer, and songwriter, and is the perfect match to reinforce the
group again.
Dusk will be released on July 16th. On one hand, the album represents four years of
brotherhood and friendship. On the other, it is a sonic world where you can imagine
yourself sitting by the pool on a warm summer day, hearing the drums and guitars echo
through the valley below the house where Dusk was recorded.
Dawn Brothers

Dawn Brothers
06 Jul 2024


Dawn Brothers
21 Jul 2024

Zwarte Cross
Lichtenvoorde NL

Dawn Brothers
24 Aug 2024

Spot On Sciebrouck
Rotterdam NL

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01 Sep 2024

Zuidland NL

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Oldenzaal Muzikaal

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21 Sep 2024

Folk an de Gruppe
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13 Oct 2024

De Amer
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19 Oct 2024

Engel Blues @ Groene engel
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01 Nov 2024

Bibelot (w/ Victoria Pax)

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02 Nov 2024

Peppel (w/ Victoria Pax)
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07 Nov 2024

Nobel (w/ Victoria Pax)
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08 Nov 2024

Patronaat (w/ Victoria Pax)
Haarlem NL

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15 Nov 2024

Neushoorn (w/ Victoria Pax)
Leeuwarden NL

Dawn Brothers
16 Nov 2024

Nieuwe Nor (w/ Victoria Pax)
Heerlen NL