The Dubbeez

Grooving from Amsterdam to Jamaica and back.

The Dubbeez, a young reggae collective from Amsterdam and Almere, proves that good reggae is timeless. This six piece band is convincingly rebooting classic roots reggae and club reggae. The band’s step in the spotlights was winning the International World Reggae contest at Ostróda Reggae Festival, Poland. With the tight rhythm machine, formed by brother and sister Earl on drums and Olivia on bass, the Dubbeez lay a solid foundation for their own, shimmering compositions. Reggae songs with a vintage feel, which takes the best of classic reggae and translates it to here and now. The Dubbeez triumphantly show that reggae has universal potential. This year, the Jamaican episode proved to be a very rewarding one. Their first album materialized on sacred ground. “Peace, love & Dub” is released by V2 records/Bertus Distr & TUFF GONG WORLDWIDE.

The DubbeezThe Dubbeez