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Thunder Fox

Australian attitude and energy blended with some Funkadelic & oldschool Red Hot Chili Peppers

Drenched in the indiscriminate combination of countless musical influences old and new, the Australian 6 piece, Thunder Fox, provides a passionate barrage of groove-instilling noise through shredding guitar solos, titillating vocalisation, tight horn lines and stank bass ‘n drum feel.

The European Summer of 2018 saw Thunder Fox embark on their first international tour, making their mark on new audiences in the Netherlands, Germany, The UK, France, Spain, Switzerland and Italy. Partnering with Radar Agency, the boys will return to Europe in 2019 to showcase their latest single “Squeedup”.

With fingers dipped generously in the juices of Led Zeppelin, Jeff Buckley, Anderson Paak and the Chili Peppers, Thunder Fox culminates in something as catchy as it is unique while delivering an ecstatic live experience that devoted fans continue to crave.

Thunder FoxThunder Fox