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Tin Fingers

explosive yet romantic live shows

Tin Fingers is an indie band supporting a melancholic sound, yet always with a twist. Based in Antwerp, Belgium, the band released their ‘No  Hero’EP in the summer of 2017, presenting a catchy vintage alt popsound that resonated deeply into the indie cult veins of Belgium. The band, known for its dreamy tunes and explosive yet romantic live shows, conquered venues in a nonchalant but nevertheless compelling way. Singles ‘Boy Boy’ and ‘Young Mother’ settled comfortably into the Belgian radio’s airwaves. Tin Fingers ended their first major tour on a high with an intense and colorful show at Pukkelpop. On their debut album Still in an organic way; creating sounds from scratch, old synthesizer blips ‘GrooveboxMemories’, released in 2021, the band explored electronics. and beeps were sampled and tweaked, rougher organic rhythms were mixed with vintage drum box grooves. Songs ‘Red Socks’ and ‘Fomo for kids’ went down well and made the band end their tour on Rock Werchter. The band takes on a darker and more melancholic direction on their second full album, ‘Rock Bottom Ballads’. Felix’ weeping vocals, preaching and trying to understand God, form the leitmotif. With rich melodies, haunting piano sounds, improvisations, first takes and no overdubs, Tin Fingers is searching for pureness and simplicity. The band is playing together intuitively, without computers, without ego, just for the sake of music. This results in pure and minimal indie folk music, poetic and calm but still impressive.

Tin Fingers
05 Oct 2024

Utrecht NL

Tin Fingers
10 Oct 2024

Rotown @ Walhalla
Rotterdam NL