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Wallace Vanborn

The fearsome threesome from Ghent

Wallace Vanborn released their long awaited third album: “The Orb We Absorb” in 2014. Earlier that year, Ian Clement (vocals / guitar), Dries Hoof (bass) and Sylvester Vanborm (drums) went camping in the infamous “Rancho De La Luna” – studio in Joshua Tree, California: the epicentre of all great rock ’n roll (Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Mark Lanegan, PJ Harvey, …) .

Chris Goss – godfather of desertock – was responsible for production, mix and spiritual guidance for what might be the most dirty sound Wallace Vanborn has released so far. During the 13 new tracks on “The Orb We Absorb”, Wallace Vanborn shows it’s most dark, angry and powerful side so far.